One thing I like about Vocaloid is that the fandom is very active and creative. A large amount of the core content is made by the fans and there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to participate in their own way. That’s why we made VocaDB into a “wiki” where everyone can contribute. Just like Vocaloid wouldn’t […]

One of the main things that separates VocaDB from other similar sites such as Vocaloid Wiki and Discogs is that the user is able to choose whether to view original or translated names. Especially if you speak Japanese you probably don’t want to see translated English names. On the other hand, for many overseas fans English names […]

We’re replacing the VocaDB news feed on the site with this blog, which will allow us to provide richer content and in-depth articles. Note that this is not a general Vocaloid blog, this is mainly a news blog for the site. For example, we will be posting technical articles about the site, such as the one that […]

Here is something that has been bothering me lately: human singers on VocaDB. In case you’re unfamiliar, there is a large number of amateur singers, usually called Utaite (singers in Japanese), on the Japanese NicoNicoDouga and also Youtube. It’s not uncommon that Vocaloid producers themselves cover their own Vocaloid songs. The results vary: some of these singers […]

Hello, and welcome. Starting this blog with a technical article about an important feature on the site: the search. For a database site such as VocaDB, a properly working search function is essential. The users should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and reliably. It might seem simple, but implementing a search engine can […]