It might’ve been that my post about the status our need for help was a bit overly dramatic, but I wanted to make the point that there’s multiple areas where work can be distributed more than it currently is. Some of the work that I and others do might not be so apparent or visible just by […]

After the previous post, a few people offered to help with the moderation/reviews. Thank you for that. While I obviously can’t promote anyone new to moderator status right away, there are some basic things that everyone can keep their eye on. So you can start with that and we can look into promoting you to a full […]

A few months ago I wrote how I’m looking for someone to take responsibility of VocaDB at least partly. Despite encouraging words by many people, calling the site useful, and active attempts to seek additional people, no one has stepped up. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to beg for help, but don’t want to do this anymore, not […]

I can see a lot of people asking for Vocaloid song suggestions. Clearly there’s demand for easy ways to discover new music, which is also one of the goals for us at VocaDB. Recently we added some new features which, when brought together, allow random songs to be played in the background. We’re calling it the VocaDB […]

As many of you probably know, we launched UtaiteDB some months ago, based on the same source code as VocaDB. Although I didn’t originally plan VocaDB’s source code to be used for other services besides VocaDB itself, it was quite easy to add some extension points to make UtaiteDB possible (although to be honest there’s still work to […]