Related to the upcoming tag renaming feature, all tag references in the web API will be changed from tag names into tag IDs in the near future. This applies to both query parameters and values returned by the API. So, instead of it will be

For the past month or so I’ve been working on a feature that has been requested multiple times: being able to rename tags on VocaDB. As you probably know, currently tag’s name is determined when the tag is created and there’s no way to change it afterwards. This is because, unlike other entries on VocaDB, tags were originally identified […]

There has been some confusion regarding how to handle upcoming voicebanks that are still in development, mostly Crypton Future Media’s (CFM) new voicebanks for Hatsune Miku and the Kagamine twins.

If you’ve been actively following the Vocaloid scene, you’ve most likely heard of a significant number of Vocaloid PVs on YouTube suddenly becoming unplayable in USA, because of YouTube Red, Google’s subscription based service for watching YouTube without ads. Major Japanese labels have not signed up with Red, so YouTube disallowed playback of those videos. It’s uncertain how […]