Our goal is that the information on VocaDB is both accurate and reliable. Because VocaDB is a database specifically made for singing synthesizers, those synthesizer voicebanks are given more attention than on other music databases. If it’s known that the songĀ uses a specific variation of a voicebank (such as Miku V4X Sweet), we want to display that information whenever possible. The problem is that often the exact voicebank isn’t mentioned anywhere officially. The artist might say that the voicebank used is “Hatsune Miku”, or possibly “Hatsune Miku V4X”, but you can clearly hear that it’s the English voicebank. Even worse, the artist might not specify the voicebank at all. Obviously this is a problem that has existed since the Crypton Appends were created for Vocaloid 2, but it’s only getting more complicated with V2, V2 Append, V3 and V4X versions of Miku out there. So what to do?

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