Maybe you’ve seen the Suggestions, requests, features to improve the website thread on the site. Related to that, I want to explain a few things.

I consider VocaDB a large, mature website. It’s feature complete in the sense that it has everything that I originally planned it would (and more), and there aren’t any major limitations/problems with editing or browsing the website. Of course a website needs to evolve, and there’s always something to improve or add, so it will never be completely done.

When developing software, adding new things is usually easy, but changing them afterwards can be difficult or even impossible. If you add too many features, the software becomes complicated to use and maintain, and slow.

That’s why I’m reluctant to accept new features without careful planning, and that takes its own time. Planning and implementing a seemingly simple feature might take weeks or even months (remember that I’m doing this a hobby on my free time). New ideas are always welcome, but on top of my own ideas, I’m getting so many feature suggestions that there would never be time to implement all of those even if I was working on VocaDB full time (I wish that was possible).

VocaDB will never satisfy every possible need. It’s better to keep some focus rather than try to please everyone. I simply don’t have the resources to maintain a huge project alone. I’m actually encouraging other developers to build related services around VocaDB – websites that use VocaDB as a data source through its APIs.

Here’s a few points that I want to emphasize:

  • If a feature seems of limited use, if it’s useful to a very small number of people, and there’s a possibility that it makes the site more complicated/slow to use for others, it’s highly possible that feature will never be accepted. If the same (or similar) feature is requested by multiple people it’s also likely that I’ll prioritize it higher.
  • Changing core features of the site, for example the translations system, requires very careful planning because it affects so many things. It’s possible, but because of the planning and migration work, the total amount of work could be measured in months.
  • Sometimes a feature that sounds simple can be complicated to implement because of technical limitations or because of how it would work together with other features on the site.

The work log is currently on Github. Please suggest new ideas primarily in the suggestions thread on the site, or by posting those directly to Github.

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