There has been some confusion regarding how to handle upcoming voicebanks that are still in development, mostly Crypton Future Media’s (CFM) new voicebanks for Hatsune Miku and the Kagamine twins.

Voicebanks versus voice colors (E.V.E.C.)

Picture of E.V.E.C. from

Certain voicebanks for the V4 Vocaloids by CFM support a feature called E.V.E.C. (“Enhanced Vocal Expression Control”) with multiple voice “colors” per voicebank. Colors are usually minor variations to how the voicebank sounds. They could be considered sub-voicebanks. For Luka V4, most of the time the artists don’t mention which colors they used. Because of these two reasons, we have decided not to track voice colors, at least for now. If the artist explicitly mentions which colors they used, you can indicate that in the description, or with tag, but generally it’s not that important. Voicebanks, such as Luka V4 Hard and Soft, on the other hand will be tracked as separate artist entries.

Treating unreleased voicebanks

Luka’s voicebanks and colors changed multiple times during her development. So far, Miku V4 has 1 confirmed voicebank (“original”) with 3 colors (“soft”, “normal” and “power”). It is highly possible these configurations for Miku will change, and new configurations will be announced. Same applies to the Kagamine twins: the initially announced voicebank configurations are not guaranteed to be final.

Because of this, it’s better to stick to having just one entry (labeled “beta”) for the unreleased voicebanks, at least until there’s more than one demo for each of the voicebanks.

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