Some people have asked about the possibility to make a native VocaDB mobile application for iOS or Android. While I think it would be great to have such an app, or even a mobile website, that’s not something I can spend time on at the moment. Unfortunately I’m still the only developer for VocaDB and I’m doing it on my limited free time, so I’m going to concentrate my efforts on improving the main website.

That said, VocaDB has very comprehensive APIs for accessing the contents of the database, and I’m extending them all the time. I think that if someone else feels like helping and thinks they could do such a mobile app / website, it’s completely possible even without my involvement, thanks to those APIs. Please check the API documentation for information on how to use the API, including a demo for browsing albums.

Update: a person told me they started working on the mobile app for Android and iOS. I wish him/her luck and hopefully we’ll hear more about it soon. I’ll make another blog post when the app is finished.

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