I wanted to write something about a new feature we implemented. It’s a field for artist’s personal description.

Currently it’s added for song and album entries, but we’ll consider adding one for artist entries as well.

Why did we add this field? The way I see it, VocaDB serves two different purposes. I want it to be a reliable, objective database, but I also want to give the artists the freedom to describe their works in their own words. These goals can often be conflicting. That’s why I wanted to clearly separate those two types of content.

The rules for the old description field have been made more strict: it must be written in objective form, in 3rd person or passive. It must contain only relevant database information, no fluff text or marketing speech. For example, “Voices in my Head is regulus’s 3rd full album, featuring Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku and others. Available on iTunes.” is a valid, objectively written description for an album.

The new personal description field is clearly separate from the actual database information, shown above the user comments. You can think of it as artist’s highlighted comment. It is not versioned, meaning that when it’s updated, the old text is not saved. The personal description is only editable by verified artists and moderators. Artist’s logo is shown next to the text, and their name above it. In case there’s multiple artists involved, the highlighted artist can be selected. For collaborations, often the personal description should be written collectively by the group. Only one personal description can be provided per entry. Currently there is no support for translations, but the same field may contain multiple languages.

Even though the rules are less strict for the personal description field, it’s important to note that, just like for user comments, not everything is allowed even there. Offensive, clearly false or intrusive content will be removed by the moderators. It’s also your benefit as the artist to keep it appropriate.

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