After the previous post, a few people offered to help with the moderation/reviews. Thank you for that. While I obviously can’t promote anyone new to moderator status right away, there are some basic things that everyone can keep their eye on. So you can start with that and we can look into promoting you to a full moderator later, we still have demand for those.

Make sure you’ve read the guidelines page on the site, as well as the guidelines on the wiki. I also wrote some articles on this blog. At the moment, most of the guidelines are on the site, but all new guidelines are added to the wiki, because the wiki is easier to maintain when it comes to documentation. This also means the help pages on the site might have some outdated information, I’m sorry about that, I’ll need to update those parts or move them to the wiki. If there happens to be some conflicting information, the information on the wiki takes precedence.

There are some common mistakes that especially new users make. Here’s a list of those that I can remember, so you can look out for those especially by checking the recent activity on site. Instead of fixing errors I prefer notifying people and letting them correct their own mistakes, because that way they’ll learn from it.

  • Mistakes in Romanization, usually the misuse of loanwords or macrons. See the wiki page.
  • Forgetting to add Vocaloids to songs (this is surprisingly common, despite the automated warnings given by the site).
  • Adding producers without entries (“extra artists”). All Vocaloid producers (whether it’s composing or arranging) should have an entry. If you really can’t find info about the artist, mention that in the artist description and leave it as draft. Other relevant roles such as illustrators should have entries as well, although this isn’t as strict.
  • Adding albums with absolutely no references. All albums should have a link to some official site or another wiki. If you really can’t find any information, mention that in the description or comments.
  • Misusing tags, usually tagging songs with artist names. Some other sites use tags for all internal references. VocaDB has a separate method for linking artists to songs and albums which should be used instead of tagging a song with “Miku Hatsune” or similar. Generally, whenever there’s a more specific way of doing something, or the information is already available on the site, that should be preferred over tags. More in the article about tags.
  • Adding karaoke (instrumental) versions as media instead of link. All media links should have the same audio.
  • Adding albums that aren’t Vocaloid albums. This also still happens. Utaite albums should be added on UtaiteDB. Please try to make sure that the album you’re adding actually has Vocaloid songs.
  • Unnecessary information in the song title. Title field should include only the song title, no addendum such as “original song” or “misspelling”, and obviously no Vocaloids (unless there’s a good reason, for example the “Miku remix” is part of the title). All extra information for which there is no specialized field should be indicated in the notes.
  • Suspicious translations. Do not trust machine translations such as Google Translate. You can use those as reference, but you should have some other way of verifying it. Translations found on official sites such as KarenT are always allowed (and should actually be considered primary translations), even if technically incorrect.

I probably forgot something, will update the list as needed.

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