VocaDB has the little known events feature which was originally used for album releases such as Comiket and The Voc@loid M@ster. Earlier, events were expanded to cover character birthdays. Now I want to expand the use of events on VocaDB to cover concerts as well. Currently, concert setlists are modeled as song lists, but I have made it possible to connect events to concert setlists, and created an event + series for Magical Mirai 2017 and Miku Expo 2016.

In the near future I plan on making it possible for users to announce that they’re attending a particular event. This will help people to find friends on VocaDB who are also attending, and also keep track of their Vocaloid events right on VocaDB.

The relationship between events and song lists is as follows: an event may be connected to one concert setlist (song list), but that setlist may be shared by multiple events. The idea is that there would be an event for each venue. For example, Miku Expo was performed at multiple locations over multiple dates. The setlist was more or less the same for every performance. By keeping the setlist and event performance separate we can reuse the setlist for each performance. For concert tours such as Miku Expo, the tour information can be collected to the song list page while performance-specific information such as venue and date go to the event page.

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