Recently, we got a mobile app for VocaDB, but for now it’s only available for Android. The app itself would be easily ported over to iOS… there’s just one problem: publishing to the iOS App Store requires a $100 (per year) license which we don’t have, and I don’t really want to invest my own money for publishing a free app. Therefore, if people want the app for iOS we have to figure out some sort of funding.

The options that I came up with are:

  • Publishing the VocaDB mobile app as a free app, but with ad banner that would hopefully allow us to get back the $100 investment. Note that we’re not trying to make any money with this, we only want to get back the $100 license fee.
  • Publishing it as a paid app, for example $1 price to download. I don’t think many people would pay for the VocaDB mobile app though.
  • We could also ask the community for donations, and when that $100 has been gathered we could purchase the license and publish the app.

I’d be interested in hearing what other people think. Is the mobile app useful enough to have on iOS in the first place? For those who have been asking for the app, which of these would be the most convenient way of contributing?

Update: we added a donate button in the left side menu on this blog and will probably be adding it on the site as well. The developer will also need a Macintosh workstation (possibly used), so any donations exceeding the $100 will go towards getting that.

7 thoughts on “Getting VocaDB mobile app into the iOS App Store”

  1. I had been recently thinking about how I would like an app for this site. I would be willing to donate 20 bucks toward your goal, if you decide to go that way.

    1. I added a donate button to the left side menu on this blog, in case you’re still interested.

  2. I think that donating (through the PayPal or credit carts) would be the best option, maybe not only for iOS app, but for overall site development.

    1. Personally I’m not interested in making money with the site, so any donations would go to additional fees such as the license cost here, or perhaps motivating other people to work on the programming since I’m quite busy myself and wouldn’t mind a second (competent) programmer…

  3. Right now the problem is that the developer of the app doesn’t have a Mac for building and deploying the app. He’ll try to get his hands onto some old Mac desktop or laptop.

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