Happy New Year 2021
Illustration by mel tea

The strange year of 2020 is now over and it’s time for our semi-annual blog post.

The past year has been a big change for VocaDB as well. The workload was restructured, and the torch of running the site has been passed from a single person to the community.

VocaDB is being actively maintained and multiple new features have been added this year – moderation tools, new event features and songlist tags for example.

A lot of the development work has been done behind the scenes with refactoring and transferring the code base. The code is and continues to be open source. Feel free to visit our GitHub page for development-related topics:


We are also happy to announce our new flourishing VocaDB Discord Server, which you can join here:


The server was created to widen our community and to have a place to discuss VocaDB related topics. It’s a place where everyone involved in the voice synthesizer community can have fun and chat about anything. We welcome everyone!

In the year 2020, we have witnessed more and more vocaloids celebrating their 10th anniversary, congratulations to: Nekomura Iroha, Tonio, Lily, VY1, Tsurumaki Maki (Voiceroid), Gachapoid and Utatane Piko!

At the end of the year an exciting Vocaloid event was hosted by NicoNicoDouga: The Vocaloid Collection. During the fan festival a great number of wonderful songs were published, by famous vocaloid artists and newcomers alike. We have created an event to catalog these songs, which you can view here:



  • 41 600 new songs added
  • 1 550 new albums added
  • 7 300 new artists added (4 300 music producers)
  • 400 new users joined
  • 1 200 000 visits by 713 000 users

Top 5 songs of 2020

  1. GETCHA! by Giga & KIRA
  2. Lag Train by inabakumori
  3. Ogre by Utsu-P
  4. Ready Steady by Giga
  5. Because You’re Here by PinocchioP

Top 5 albums of 2020

  1. Undead Alice by DECO*27
  2. Magical Mirai 2020 Official Album
  3. Venomer by Subcul-rise Record
  5. Vocalo EDM8 by SPACELECTRO (circle)

Top 5 (new) artists of 2020

  1. Kanaria
  2. マイキP / Maiki P
  3. Dopam!ne
  4. イネ / INE
  5. 柊マグネタイト / Hiiragi Magnetite

New Voice Synthesizer in 2020

Update: I created a short Google form / survey related to VocaDB. It can be filled out here:

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