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2016 is now over and again it’s time for some reflection.

One of the big things for us in 2016 was reaching a milestone of 100 000 songs, further solidifying VocaDB as the definite source of Vocaloid/UTAU discography information. Thanks to all of our editors for that! The number of edits and songs contributed per day has remained very stable during 2015 and 2016.


25 457 new songs added (compared to 22 500 in 2015).

918 new albums added (1 330 in 2015).

826 users joined (790 in 2015).

700 890 visits by 388 196 users recorded by analytics (657 675 visits by 360 403 users in 2015).

Note that the song and album numbers also include songs and albums that were released before 2016 but were not added to VocaDB until in 2016.

Top albums of 2016

  1. A peaceful death by calvi
  2. コインロッカーベイビー by MARETU
  3. GHOST by DECO*27
  4. Pathos by Yunosuke
  5. Eight -THE BEST OF HachioujiP- by HachioujiP

Calvi is an old producer who keeps releasing Vocaloid metal and rock songs at a steady pace. He has always been quite popular on VocaDB, and his 4th album (which is free by the way) was the highest rated in 2016. Top album of 2015 was also by calvi.

Top songs of 2016

  1. Ghost Rule feat. Hatsune Miku by DECO*27
  2. Cynic feat. Yamine Renri by Police Piccadilly
  3. Hate It! Hate It! Huge Ego! feat. Otomachi Una Spicy by KurageP
  4. チュルリラ・チュルリラ・ダッダッダ! feat. Yuzuki Yukari by KurageP
  5. Tie: All I Need are Things I Like feat. Hatsune Miku by PinocchioP and I’m glad you’re evil too feat. Hatsune Miku, also by PinocchioP.

DECO’s song being #1 probably isn’t a surprise given how long he’s been producing and the size of his fanbase, but it’s interesting to note that the second most popular song of 2016 on VocaDB was an UTAU song. The difference between #1 and #2 was only 2 points by the way. There’s also another song with Yamine Renri by Police Piccadilly in top 10.

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