We have a number of tags in the “Languages” category, for example English, Chinese and Spanish. There seems to be some confusion over how what these tags should be used for.

It’s important to note that at least for now, we’re primarily tracking language of the vocals. This is means that these tags should not be used for nationality or origin. For example, the Spanish tag is reserved only for producers making songs primarily in Spanish, not for producers living in Spain. If you’re making a new tag for a language you should add a description that reflects this. You can use those existing language tags as an example. At the moment I feel that there is no need to track the home countries of producers, other than the western producer tag.

It hasn’t been very common so far, but if you’re making a thematic tag for a country, for example tagging an album or song that is about Spain (instead of the vocals being in Spanish), you should use a different tag from the language tag. This means, do not use the Spanish language tag for songs/albums about Spain (unless the lyrics are also in Spanish).

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