Ok, as you know, everyone loves social networks, and big networks also have lots of money to spend. As it happens, we have just received our own 2 billion $ purchase offer by a yet unnamed social networking giant, and are currently negotiating the terms of the deal. We’ll let you know more about this shortly.

In other, totally unrelated news, Facebook login will be mandatory in order to use VocaDB, starting from April 1st. All of your VocaDB likes will be automatically shared on Facebook. We will also begin offering wonderful, targeted (video) ads based on your preferences.

4 thoughts on “In talks about being bought by a large social networking company”

  1. When I saw this on the VocaDB home page I immediately (well pretty quickly:) thought that riipah had made a mistake with the date. 2 Billion with a “B” huh?

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