lyricsAs noted earlier, VocaDB’s translation system is basically limited to 4 language options: original, Romanized, English and other. Up until now this included lyrics, meaning you weren’t able to specify the actual language of the lyrics (unless it was English). This made it inconvenient to add translations to many languages. That’s now fixed. There’s fields for original and Romanized lyrics, plus variable number of lyrics translations. Language for the original lyrics and translations can be specified and will be displayed on the song page.


In the future we can pick more sensible default lyrics to show based on the visitor’s user interface language or list of languages they’ve specified in their profile settings.

Some things to note: because the language of the old lyrics entries was unknown, we had to migrate that old data with some simple assumptions, which may be incorrect for some entries. So don’t be surprised if some songs are showing original and translated lyrics wrong. The type of lyrics can be corrected with the “Change to translation” and “Change to original” buttons as necessary. There might also be some other issues with the new system, so please let me know.

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