As I mentioned in an earlier post, being able to rename tags was just the first step. Since then I’ve removed the limitations on naming tags, and since yesterday, tags can now be translated as well, like other entries. This means that for example names of anime series such as Attack on Titan can be entered in original language, Romanized and English. This should be good news especially to our Japanese users who aren’t limited to English names in tags anymore.

There’s still plenty of tags with underscores in names, from the time before spaces were allowed in tag names. Those underscores should be removed as you encounter them, and usually be replaced with simply spaces.

Same rules apply to translating tag names as for translating other names: no need to Romanize loanwords. For now at least, if the default language is ambiguous, for example for music genres, it’s better to use the English name as the default because that’s what’s used in the URLs as well.

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