Survey results

As promised, I wrote some recap of the survey last week. Overall, the comments were overwhelmingly positive, with some constructive criticism and good suggestions for improvements. There was a lot mor... Read More

VocaDB survey

I’d like to know more about people using our service, so I made this little questionnaire. Please answer and help us improve VocaDB. The responses are anonymous (I have no way of identifying who... Read More

Status update on help needed

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It might’ve been that my post about the status our need for help was a bit overly dramatic, but I wanted to make the point that there’s multiple areas where work can be distributed more th... Read More

Vocaloid radio on VocaDB

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I can see a lot of people asking for Vocaloid song suggestions. Clearly there’s demand for easy ways to discover new music, which is also one of the goals for us at VocaDB. Recently we added som... Read More