VocaDB is a unique service in the sense that it collects Vocaloid/UTAU PVs from all possible sources – NicoNicoDouga, Youtube, SoundCloud and others – into a database that can be queried and searched in very flexible ways. We also have a huge collection of those PVs in our database – over 70 000 and growing daily. This allows us to create reports that represent the overall Vocaloid scene while not being limited to a single service. You can check those yourself on our statistics page.

Earlier this year we began tracking the publish dates of PVs and songs, which allows us to create temporal reports such as songs published per day:


Thanks to a script run by zazuge, those publish dates are now updated to almost all songs and PVs on the site, so that graph covers majority of those 70 000 PVs – a huge set of data indeed.

Even more interesting is the graph for original PVs per service, which is something that you can only get from VocaDB:


It’s interesting to see the popularity of Youtube and SoundCloud growing steadily, while piapro has pretty much been replaced by SoundCloud. NicoNicoDouga still dominates with over 50%, which is obvious considering Vocaloid started out there, but it’s getting close that half of the songs are available (as uploaded by the artist his/herself) on other services as well. This should be good news for international fans of the Vocaloid phenomenon.

I’m quite eager to create even more reports based on our data, such as the percentage of songs that are only published on albums.

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