I’ve been responsible for VocaDB’s administration and development since the beginning. Because of real life issues I’ve been having less and less time to work on the site lately. I’m not sure if it’s going to get better or if I eventually need to retire completely from the site. Who knows, maybe things will change and by the end of the year I’ll be coding for VocaDB again, but for now at least it doesn’t look like that, and I don’t want to see the otherwise promising site stagnating because of the lack of leadership and improvements. For quite some time now, I’ve been having more duties on the site than I’d like to.

Mainly, we could use more resources for roughly these three roles: software development, promotion and moderation/user administration.

I can probably keep taking care of one of these roles myself, but it’d be really good to get one or more people for the other roles if we want VocaDB to continue to thrive.


There are still quite a lot of features that should be added, usability improvements and bug fixes that need to be made. I’ve listed some of those on Github. There’s also general bug fixes and small improvements happening every now and then, so it’d be good if someone else was familiar with the codebase.

VocaDB is made with C# and ASP.NET MVC 5. It’s using a SQL Server database through NHibernate 4  ORM. On the client side, majority of the more recent code is written using TypeScript and Knockout MVVM library – new functionality has been increasingly on the client side anyway, so good knowledge of CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript is essential. If these terms mean something to you, and you think you could help with the development of the site, please take a look at the source code on GitHub.


No site is useful if people don’t know about it, and VocaDB still has a long way to go here. Someone would need to be actively seeking partnerships and mentioning the site to community leaders who might benefit from collaboration with us, as well as writing to this blog hopefully. That person would also be responsible of SEO (search engine optimization) and twitter/Facebook communication.

Moderation/user administration

Moderators, and to some extent trusted users, make sure that everything on the site is running smoothly.

Even with VocaDB’s safeguards, it’s common that new users tend to make mistakes or misunderstand some features, so there needs to be someone to review their actions and guide them. When those new users have proven themselves to be reliable enough someone should be there to promote them to trusted. The guidelines, such as rules for classifying songs, will need to be upheld and sometimes updated as well.  There’s already a few people doing moderation, but we could use more. This person would also be responsible of maintaining the wiki and guidelines, as well as monitoring the site logs for possible attack attempts, and either do something to prevent them, or notify me so that I can handle it.


How to help

In order to accept you to any of these duties, the current staff members would of course need to be able to trust you first. The best way to handle that would probably to talk on our IRC channel on Rizon, or to contact one of the active moderators on site (sorry, I won’t be having much time to talk myself in the coming days). At least zazuge and jrharbort should be able to be contacted on Skype as well. If you can’t help yourself, but know someone who might, please share this post to them.

We have some small running costs – more specifically, the server costs 35€ per month and SSL certificate about $20 per year, so donations are also appreciated, but honestly, getting more human resources would be more useful. I haven’t been trying to monetize the site because I don’t need extra money, but obviously any possible donations and other income exceeding the server costs would be shared among the people working on the site.

5 thoughts on “Recruiting developers, staff members”

  1. Donated $ 1. This 35 Russian rubles. Not very expensive, but in the future I will try to donate a little more. In any case, you do not want to lose one of the best database system and to the same single database for Vocaloid. I can help in any way I can. Although himself a novice.

  2. I really love this site for few months since I joined this site. I really want to help but from the recruitment details above I’m not suitable for any of the positions mentioned. All I can do for now is to wish that many people out there will notice this recruitment and trusted enough to be one of your comrades thus willing to help for your site. I’m praying for the best.

  3. Hello,

    a facebook community of Volcaloid french fan explained the needs of developers for VocaDB. I didn’t know this site before but it looks to be a serious and usefull work.

    Therefore, i submit for a developer rule to help. I have already develop with Maven, J2EE, JPA (ORM as hibernate), AngularJS+RESTful and a very little part into JQuery (no needs with Angular framework). Nonetheless, i’ve never manipulated ASP.NET but i think it not be so difficult to learn (and my “webdesign” is only bootstraped… ^^)

    I hope more people will join.

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