I’ve noticed there’s a lot of music genre tags (mainly electronic music) with no description, and often without proper references. I’ve been adding descriptions, mostly copy-pasting from Wikipedia. I’ve also added links to Wikipedia and Discogs Wiki whenever possible.

Copying descriptions from Wikipedia is allowed, but it’s always better to write your own description. You’re very welcome to replace those copy-pasted descriptions with your own if you have time. Please focus on explaining the characteristics of the genre: how it sounds and where it’s used. Background information (history and geography) isn’t as important for us. If you know of other reliable (moderated) music encyclopedia websites, links to those sites would be very preferable as well. For metal music there’s the Metal Archives (AKA Encyclopedia Metallum), but I’m not aware of such website for electronic music.

Having a proper description reduces the chances that the tag is misused. The definition of a genre should be unambiguous, it’s not a subjective opinion. Applying tags is still primarily a subjective choice: the tag is ok as long as it’s not clearly misused. What I mean is, it’s useful that everyone knows how a particular genre should be used, but there’s usually no point in debating whether that genre applies to a specific song.

One more note about merging genres. If you decide that two genre tags on VocaDB should actually be the same, meaning there’s no significant different and the chance of ambiguity is great, then you can suggest them to be merged and make sure at least someone else agrees. If you’re absolutely sure that the tags need to be merged, then feel free to go ahead without confirmation, but keep in mind that in case you were wrong, undoing a tag merge is difficult. If it’s later decided that the tags shouldn’t have been merged, you’re expected to undo the merge yourself by hand. Often it’s better to discuss it before hand.

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    1. Ah yes. Unfortunately only about 10% of the genres have articles on the wiki, so it’s not much use for us.

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