Not much has changed since my last post on the subject. We’re still looking for people to help with running the site.

  • The site needs a responsive mobile layout. Google penalizes search results for sites without a mobile layout, and VocaDB too has been categorized as inadequate. Making a mobile layout for such a complex site as VocaDB is no easy task.
  • Promoting VocaDB on other sites like reddit and VocaloidOtaku. I’ve been told that many still don’t even know you can make playlists and use VocaDB as a Vocaloid “radio” playing songs by a specific artist or genre. We need people actively advertising features such as these. You can use this as reference. We also need people advertising our Facebook page.
  • Monitoring for mistakes and maintaining guidelines. A lot of basic mistakes like missing vocalists are still being let through, despite the site’s automated warnings.
  • Updating guidelines, moving them to the wiki. The guidelines should be collected from the site, this blog and the wiki, restructured and written as wiki pages.
  • Translator who can translate messages or contact the Japanese users on site when needed. Sometimes we get Japanese editors who don’t know English. If they’re doing something wrong, we need someone who can write them messages in their own language, and translate back the replies.

Edit: it seems there has been some misunderstanding that making mistakes is frowned upon. That’s not the case, mistakes are fine as long as people learn from them and listen to advice given by others. The problem is mostly:

  • Users who completely and repeatedly ignore advice such as private messages – language skills can obviously be a problem, but in case the user doesn’t seem to understand English we try to message them in their native language (if possible), but some people ignore even those messages and continue making the same mistakes.
  • We have a lack of people checking for mistakes, especially by new users. As said, mistakes are ok if there’s someone to correct those mistakes and explaining the users what they’re doing wrong (most of the time it’s about not adding producers or vocalists).

Fear of making mistakes shouldn’t be a reason to prevent you from contributing. If there’s anything uncertain, you’re encouraged to ask on the discussion area of the site.

13 thoughts on “Still looking for help”

  1. I have been going through and fixing and/or updating links and information as I find errors. I’m afraid I know nothing of programming and my Japanese is limited to a smattering of words and my awesome usage of four translating programs and two Japanese dictionaries. (I assure you, everything I have translated has been gone over in annoying detail and is translated to the very best of my ability.)

    As for advertising, I didn’t know you could use the website as a radio. Wow. I feel silly. But I can still try and put it out there as best I can. What is the best way to do this?

    I would like to ask what exactly do you mean by updating the guidlines?

    I love this community and I love this site. I would love to help out as I am able to.

    1. And we’re grateful for what you’re doing, not asking you to do programming or translating complex Japanese.

      By advertising I mean letting other Vocaloid fans know about the unique features we have, such as tag or artist playlists, or being able to search your song and album collection. For example, if there’s someone asking for song/album suggestions for a certain genre (or Vocaloid), you can tell them that we have that (and much more on VocaDB). I’ve been trying to collect those features on the wiki page that I linked.

      The reason for advertisement is not to get traffic per say. We don’t have ads on the site, so we’re not getting any direct benefit from increased traffic. The reason is purely that I’m hoping that if there’s enough people involved, eventually we’d be able to fill those other roles as well. It doesn’t have to be any of the people who are already doing something.

      By updating guidelines I mean collecting the existing guidelines from various places where we have them (this blog, the website and the wiki), refining/clarifying them and adding them to one central place, the wiki.

      Again, myself and others surely already appreciate the work that all the editors are doing, adding and checking entries, making it easier to discover Vocaloid music and find about the artists.

  2. I’d try working on a mobile site but my only HTML experience is with hand-made HTML, no fancy servers PHP templates what-have-you so I have no idea what it would be like (・∀・;)

    1. Ah yes also I can’t do *responsive* design, but a basic HTML thing is reasonable

    2. For the mobile site, I’ve also considered the option of using the mobile app as a mobile site, temporarily at least. It’s already made in HTML + JavaScript, so adapting it for the browser shouldn’t be too much work. Basically the two sites would need to be linked together.

      up2up (the developer of the mobile app) documented the mobile app URLs on github here:'s-url

      In the long run though, a responsive version of the main site is the way to go, and that requires knowledge of CSS3 media queries and other responsive design features. I could do it myself, but it’s just a lot of work.

      Google has some documentation regarding the different methods:

  3. I didn´’t know what the site had this kind of problem, well, I’m really out of the web recently, but if i can help, tell me you what can i do… ^^

    I’ll be happy to help in any way possible…

    P.D. My Native Language is Spanish, and I’m learning English in this moment, I understand the mayority of the comentaries, but I can’t express me very well… -_-

    And i dont now much of the japanese language… ^^

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