A few months ago I wrote how I’m looking for someone to take responsibility of VocaDB at least partly. Despite encouraging words by many people, calling the site useful, and active attempts to seek additional people, no one has stepped up. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to beg for help, but don’t want to do this anymore, not with the responsibility I’ve been having. It’s actually been getting worse lately, perhaps the remaining moderators are preoccupied with something else, lost interest or gave up, so I’ve been doing more work myself. The problem is, I love Vocaloid music, and I want to promote the artists. I do believe VocaDB is by far the best Vocaloid (and UTAU) discography resource in existence. None of those wiki sites come even close when it comes to the functionality and usability VocaDB has. I don’t want to see the site wither and die slowly. I was hoping that, considering Vocaloid is slowly gaining ground outside Japan, with time and active promotion the site would become more well known, more people would become interested, and eventually someone would appear, but that has not happened. I guess there isn’t enough critical mass, not enough interest, or people just think the alternatives are indeed good enough (I don’t think they are). Part of me wants to believe that not enough people know all the things you can do on VocaDB, that telling them about it would help, but I don’t know anymore. It’s quite possible I just don’t see it the way everyone else does. Or maybe the project was just too ambitious.

And don’t send donations until someone else joins. I don’t want nor need money for myself, it doesn’t motivate me. You could probably monetize the site too, with ads, if you cared about money.

The bottom line is, it can’t go on like this. We need more active people. If there’s still interest, spread the word, tell other fans why you think VocaDB is worth existing, if it is.

11 thoughts on “The future of VocaDB”

  1. I would love to do the developmental stuff but I never done Javascript and just did a small amount of C# and html, too small that I probably will mess up the site.

  2. I’d like to help you, I really do. I just don’t think I have the skills required to do this (and the time, dued to school and everything). I wish I could do something to help though…

  3. I’d feel absolutely terrible if VocaDB went under without me doing anything to help, however I’d feel equally terrible if I were to take a position and not be able to fulfill my duties due to university work competing for time :(

  4. I think it’d be best if I handled the programming, mostly I could use help with web design (CSS), improving site appearance and responsiveness.

    Sometimes there’s a lot of other things to do besides programming though. Writing and maintaining the guidelines for example, or researching obscure artists. Posting on our twitter and Facebook (although there’s some people already doing that). We also need someone to update and complete the Japanese translation of our UI.

  5. I have experience with ASP.NET and C#, and can also do CSS as well, but I don’t have experience with LESS or TypeScript or JavaScript and I would need time to learn and work with those. I’d love to be able to help, but those are the roadblocks with that. If I am useful, I can try to see what I can do.

    1. Hi, you too, please check the code on GitHub: https://github.com/VocaDB/vocadb and the list of issues: https://github.com/VocaDB/vocadb/issues . There’s instructions for setting up the local development environment: https://github.com/VocaDB/vocadb/wiki/VocaDB-development-environment .

      I’ve instructed so that all bugs/changes will be reported on Github. Anyone can take a look at those, if they think they could do the task. I can also provide assistance with setting up the development environment or answer questions about the codebase, if needed.

      1. Alrighty. Next week, I will take a look around and see what I can accomplish.

  6. Not good with any programming languages… how can I help?

  7. Who do I speak to for this? I know some Javascript, HTMLand HTML5, and some CSS. I’m not very advanced in JavaScript yet…(still learning in school at the moment)…any way I can help?

      1. Unfortunately, yeah. I’m still in school, so I’m also currently expanding my knowledge in web development. I’ll check out what I can fulfill from the list.

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