If you’ve been actively following the Vocaloid scene, you’ve most likely heard of a significant number of Vocaloid PVs on YouTube suddenly becoming unplayable in USA, because of YouTube Red, Google’s subscription based service for watching YouTube without ads. Major Japanese labels have not signed up with Red, so YouTube disallowed playback of those videos. It’s uncertain how long this situation will last and whether it will spread to other countries when Red is released there. How is this related to VocaDB?

Videos being taken down from YouTube is nothing new, although most of the time it’s been about of copyright-infringing reprints. A couple of major YouTube channels providing subtitled Vocaloid PVs have been taken down as well. The default service for uploading Vocaloid PVs is of course NicoNicoDouga, but Nico has its own problems such as poor streaming performance outside of Japan, lack of SSL support and their mobile app being limited to Japan only.

If you ask me, all this proves is that you shouldn’t put all your eggs into one basket. Many artists are already uploading their songs onto multiple streaming providers, usually NicoNicoDouga and YouTube, sometimes SoundCloud and piapro as well. That’s really good, because if and when there’s a problem with one of those services, the fans can just use another service. And to bring all those copies of songs together there is VocaDB.


VocaDB is agnostic regarding to streaming providers – we support all the major providers and it’s possible to add more (like DailyMotion) if needed, as long as they have APIs. Switching between different providers is a simple matter – it’s even supported by our embeddable player! This is of course on top of the other great features we have, such as highly advanced search filters. At this point I should mention that since we want the artist to get as much of the traffic as possible, all of our players prefer showing the original videos (as uploaded by the artist) over other copies such as subtitled versions made by 3rd parties.

You can make use of VocaDB’s song lists to include songs from multiple sources. It’s highly likely that not all of your favorite songs can be found on one video website, but that’s not a problem as long as the song has been indexed on VocaDB.


If the song gets deleted from one site, for example if your favorite subbing channel is taken down, don’t worry, the entry still remains on VocaDB and you can use the other streaming services to play the song, as long as at least one copy exists. If the deleted song ever gets reuploaded, it can simply be updated on VocaDB thus fixing it in all playlists where that song was present.

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    1. We can’t do anything about the country blocks on YouTube, but if the song is uploaded on any other site you can still play it here.

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