VocaDB’s user interface is currently available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and German. I’m extremely grateful to the people who have helped with those translations.

For reference, here are statistics about the visitors’ native languages, as reported by Google Analytics:

Sometimes I get requests to add more user interface languages to VocaDB.

VocaDB includes a lot of strings, so translating the interface to a new language takes a time. I estimate about 10 hours for inputting the translations, in addition to the time it takes to actually translate the strings. On top of that, the translation needs to be maintained as the user interface changes.

Speaking of which, the German and Russian translations are badly outdated since they haven’t been maintained for a while. We’re also constantly looking for people to help with the maintenance of the Japanese translation since I cannot do it alone.

Because my time is limited, I have to prioritize. Looking at the above graph, Chinese is the 3rd most popular language among the visitors (not to mention Vocaloid is growing fast in China), so when szg28 offered to provide the translation, I accepted. But for other languages besides Japanese and Chinese, I can offer only minimal help.

Is it possible to do the translation without my involvement? Definitely – the German and Russian translations were added almost completely without my involvement. I have written a wiki page which explains the necessary steps. If you’re interested in translating VocaDB into more languages, I’m willing to offer some assistance, such as clarifying those steps if needed, but you’d be responsible for most of the work.

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  1. I can assist with maintenance of the Japanese translation of VocaDB. If accepted, I promise to read the site guidelines very thoroughly and follow your every instructions!

      1. Hi, it’s me again. Since I’m not in VocaDB yet, can I send you the translations through Facebook or something?

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