Many people complained when utaites (amateur vocalists) were “banned” from VocaDB a few months ago. That was because we wanted to focus the site on Vocaloid and felt that the many human-sung covers of Vocaloid songs would distract from the main content. I did feel a bit bad about doing it, so I was glad when someone contacted me and wanted to set up an Utaite database, similar to VocaDB. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been preparing that site and now it’s ready to be made public.

So, let me present you the Utaite Database.

There seems to be plenty of activity in both communities, so we’re hoping UtaiteDB will catch up in the same way as VocaDB has done. Mostly UtaiteDB works similar to VocaDB as it’s based on the same code. There are some differences, for example the artist types are different, and of course the allowed content is different, focusing on those NicoNico and Youtube vocalists instead of VocaDB’s synthetic singers. The site is still work in progress, meaning some customizations aren’t finished. The guidelines are on our wiki, so please check those out before editing.

As for myself, my priority will definitely remain with VocaDB. I helped with setting up UtaiteDB and will offer assistance with running it, but VocaDB is still my main focus because that’s what I’m interested in.

The distribution of responsibilities between VocaDB and UtaiteDB is now clear: VocaDB will handle Vocaloid and UtaiteDB will handle human vocalists.  Obviously there are many artists and albums that belong on both sites. For now those have to be copied manually, but we’re planning on making it easier with semi-automated import/sync tools.

The rules for VocaDB regarding utaite content will not change: albums with utaite songs will still be allowed on VocaDB, provided that they have at least one Vocaloid song. Now that the utaite thing is taken care of, we’re thinking of allowing instrumental arrangements of Vocaloid songs on VocaDB.

Small update: UtaiteDB now has twitter.

4 thoughts on “UtaiteDB the Utaite Database”

  1. As I was going to say before I got a bad case of stumble finger, I found the UtaiteDB the other day and at first thought that all the Utau works were going to be split off from VocaDB. Now I understand what is going on.

    1. Heh yeah, this has nothing to do with UTAU. UTAU songs are still welcome on VocaDB, but there’s a fundamental difference between synthesized vocals and human vocalists (utaite in this case).

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