As many of you probably know, we launched UtaiteDB some months ago, based on the same source code as VocaDB. Although I didn’t originally plan VocaDB’s source code to be used for other services besides VocaDB itself, it was quite easy to add some extension points to make UtaiteDB possible (although to be honest there’s still work to be done).

At this point, I just wanted to note that now that those extension points are there, it’d be possible to launch other similar discography sites based on the same platform. I don’t know if there would be enough demand for such sites, or anyone interested enough to take responsibility, but the possibility is there. I’d have some interest in setting up a discography site for Touhou Project myself, but sadly I have no time for managing it, so someone else would need to do it.

Why VocaDB as a platform?

  • Easy to use, collaborative content editing with versioning and checking for duplicates.
  • High-performance search engine scaling to tens of thousands of entries, with varied query options.
  • Integration with multiple media streaming services, including Youtube, NicoNicoDouga and SoundCloud, with the possibility to add more.
  • Translations system allowing the user to choose to display entry names in original language, Romanized, or translated names.
  • More on the wiki.

What is required?

  • An idea for a discography database for which no better implementation already exists. For example, there is vgmdb for videogame music, and Discogs/Musicbrainz, that are good for traditional big label and western music. Most of VocaDB’s unique features are designed around the Japanese culture, NicoNicoDouga video streaming service and self-publication (doujin production), so the site content should probably be something related to these.
  • You’d need to take full responsibility of the site’s maintenance, including content moderation and user management. I will provide the platform and the server, but I won’t be involved in day-to-day operations of the site. You’d need to decide and enforce what kind of content is allowed on the site and how it is categorized.
  • No illegal content. The site must not be hosting any copyrighted content, such as album downloads, or to be directly linking to another service providing such content.
  • You’d also be paying your share of the server costs, based on the estimated traffic and amount of content on the site. For small traffic sites this would be around 10€ per month, up to about 50€ for larger sites. The monthly payment would be subject to re-evaluation if the traffic changes significantly. If you’re planning on storing large files on the site, such as images, audio or video, that would affect the cost as well.

Extension points (features that can be customized per site)

  • List of available artist, song and album types.
  • List of available artist roles.
  • UI strings (including translations).
  • Stylesheet.
  • Banners for related sites.

So, if you happen to have an idea for a discography database, enough income for the server costs and seriously enough time and motivation to handle site management (or enough people doing that for you), contact me and we’ll see if we can set something up.

Even if you’re not interested in launching a site, you may comment here whether you think this plan makes any sense. To tell the truth, I’m not sure myself, although I think that VocaDB has some unique features that could be useful and are not provided by other similar sites. As said, if I had time, I’d probably come up with TouhouDB myself, but I know that I wouldn’t have time to manage it properly.

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