2 thoughts on “VocaDB improvements survey 2016”

  1. To the one who posted the following comment: “Searching a keyword/character only pulls up results containing that keyword/character at the beginning of the entry’s name. This is really annoying if one can only remember one part of an entry’s name that isn’t at the beginning. (For example, a while back I ran a search for the song “长夜雨”, but couldn’t remember the first character since the Chinese and Japanese characters for that word don’t match up. I ran a search with both the middle and final characters, but couldn’t find the song, and eventually had to resort to looking through all songs listed with the singers.)”

    I added option to force “words” matching. See here: http://wiki.vocadb.net/wiki/33/search-terms-cheat-sheet

  2. “I’d like to see the ability to specify an artist’s role when searching, and also to only display original songs or self-covers. Basically only display entries that the artist had direct involvment in. If this is already possible, it’s not clear enough.”

    This should be roughly the same as “Only main songs” filter. Most of those should be originals or self-covers, except when the original is not on VocaDB.

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