One thing I like about Vocaloid is that the fandom is very active and creative. A large amount of the core content is made by the fans and there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to participate in their own way. That’s why we made VocaDB into a “wiki” where everyone can contribute. Just like Vocaloid wouldn’t be so special without its creative fans, VocaDB wouldn’t be anything without its editors – those people who spend their own time to add entries and make sure all the relevant information is there. Fans helping each other and themselves.

All registered users on VocaDB get basic permissions to add and edit entries (unless those entries are marked as “Approved”, meaning they shouldn’t need any further edits). Once it’s clear that a user understands the conventions of the site, and isn’t there to vandalize or otherwise harm others, we usually upgrade the account to “trusted”. In addition to being able to edit approved entries, trusted users get access to some of the more sensitive features: featured songlists, deleting entries and most importantly the merge entry feature. We decided to limit access to these features so that the new users wouldn’t mess up the more important entries because of a misunderstanding (or malice). Maintaining a wiki website can be challenging: VocaDB too is constantly under attack by automated bots and other spammers, but I still feel allowing new users access to site’s main features without preapproval was the right thing to do.

Those wanting to be good editors and make the best out of their time should remember this: quality over quantity. Instead of adding 100 songs without producers, you should prefer adding 10 well-researched entries. If you’re looking for something to be fixed, the draft entries are always a good place to start. Don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and if you can’t find enough information about the artist or album, leave the entry as draft so that someone else can finish it later.

I can never thank enough all those users who contributed to VocaDB. You are the ones who made VocaDB into the great, useful resource it is today. I as the site’s developer also try to work hard (although my time is often limited) to make the site more pleasant to use for you and other fans.

5 thoughts on “Vocaloid and VocaDB – by the fans, for the fans”

  1. I want to make videos like “salanos“, for example, tell me please what program should I use?

      1. Thank you! But I don`t think he`ll reply me, because I already asked lots of people that make this kind of videos and they didn`t answer…Thank you anyway! I didn`t think someone will reply me…Thank you for your help!

        1. Sorry, I don’t make videos myself, and salanos doesn’t work here, so I can’t help you with that :(

          1. It`s OK! When I was looking through his video I found a test of the program he uses, it`s called “Adobe After Effects“. But there are a lot of problems with downloading, I have the program in the end…But I must say that it`s hard to work with it…Thank you for your help!

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