I can see a lot of people asking for Vocaloid song suggestions. Clearly there’s demand for easy ways to discover new music, which is also one of the goals for us at VocaDB. Recently we added some new features which, when brought together, allow random songs to be played in the background.

We’re calling it the VocaDB Vocaloid radio.

It works by playing Vocaloid songs from Youtube and SoundCloud. Try it out. You can also change the filters, to choose to listen to a particular genre or artist, or change the minimum required rating score.

The main limitation is that if you want to use the autoplay mode where another song starts playing automatically after the playback is finished, songs that only exist on NicoNicoDouga or Piapro are not played (that’s because NicoNico and Piapro have no known way to control the player). By disabling the autoplay mode also Nico PVs are available, but then you have to change the song manually.

There’s obviously multiple ways to improve this still. Filtering by multiple tags (genres) at once, or playing songs based on similarity (like on the song details page, you can see songs with matching artists, likes and tags).

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  1. I would gladly help with the translation of japanese and english speaking,
    Plus having to help v3 would be great. I am Here to help if needed, though trying to find a summer job would be a pain if I couldn’t find one that will catch my interest. So gladly to help with vocaDB, if your interested, please take your time.

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